Ruiz & Bertolotti  

Advanced Adhesive Dentistry & The Supra-Gingival Protocol


Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz Dr. Ray Bertolotti


Adhesive dentistry has revolutionized dentistry, and today we know more than ever before! Additionally we have our disposal materials which are stronger, more esthetic, and with very unique features. Direct and indirect partial coverage bonded restorations can provide patients with predictable, healthier results, nevertheless full crowns are still the most popular indirect restoration by far! Why?


Subgingival margins have endless disadvantages to restorative success, and patient health. The damaged caused by subgingival margins is the under recognized little secret of restorative dentistry. Unknowingly dentist place subgingival margins unnecessarily every day! Defective subgingival margins act as “permanent tartar” affecting the periodontal health of our patients.


Adhesive dentistry and a Supra-gingival protocol is the answer! Complete understanding and trust in adhesive dentistry is a must.
In this one day lecture, one of the founding fathers of adhesive dentistry, Dr Bertolotti, provide a simple, clear and real world update on the state of the art in adhesive dentistry. Dr. Ruiz, presents the supra-gingival minimally invasive dentistry, a real world clinical approach which assumes that most subgingival margins are preventable. Supra-gingival restorative margins make adhesive dentistry simple and predictable! Supra-gingival dentistry by definition stays above the gum line and makes restorative dentistry easier and faster for the clinician, healthier for the patient, esthetically pleasing, and provides for long lasting predictable results. The techniques presented here are not only for the rich and famous, nor for teeth with “ideal conditions”, but all patients and for all restorations.


Learning Objectives:

  • A review of the most important advancement in the clinical knowledge of adhesive dentistry.

  • A real world approach to managing polymerization stress and shrinkage.

  • Simple and predictable techniques to simplify direct and indirect adhesive restorations.

  • A review of current dental materials for adhesive dentistry.

  • Rational and techniques to prevent subgingival margins

  • And much more…


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