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New Items at TinMan Dental


The Bio/Screen Oral Exam Light is a device intended for use as an adjunct to traditional oral examination to enhance the visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities.

Bulk EZ  

Bulk EZ is a dual cure dental restorative composite designed for direct restorations. The material starts as a flowable and once fully cured, will have similar physical properties as traditional light cure composites with high radiopacity.

Dry Tips   $13.50

Dry Tips saliva absorption capacity far outlasts cotton rolls and other absorbent pads by holding up to 30 times their weight. And they don’t lose moisture when handled. Available in Small and Large sizes.

Enamelon Treatment Gel   $11.50

Enamelon® Preventive Treatment Gel (970 ppm F) is the new standard of caring. A safe and effective alternative to both 5000 ppm fluoride toothpastes and remineralizing pastes, Enamelon helps to prevent caries, gingivitis and treat sensitivity.

Fusion 5 LED Curing Light   Starting at: $968.00

The New FUSION 5 has upgraded its optoelectronics to increase curing power more than 50% of its predecessors. FUSION 5 is engineered to be the thinnest ever, delivering not only the most powerful and uniform optical beam but also a better balanced design that is comfortable to hold, use and clean.

Knit Pak Plus Knitted Retraction Cord   $14.00

Premier Dental introduces Knit-Pak+ impregnated gingival retraction cord. Knit-Pak+ is ideal to use for tissue displacement and fluid management prior to taking an impression.

Microbrush TRU   Starting at: $9.00

TRU by Microbrush is the first in Microbrush International’s extensive line of disposable applicators to feature a double-bending tip, a longer 12-centimeter handle and an Ultrafine 0.5-millimeter tip option.


The DMG MiniDam is a silicone-based gingival protection device that protects the proximal area during treatment - quickly, easily and most importantly, comfortably for the patient.

Miracle Nitrile Gloves  

Adenna’s Miracle glove is a thin gauge, light weight, powder free nitrile exam glove. It is soft and very flexible, providing an excellent Skin-like fit and feel for superb tactile sensitivity.

Mirror Magic Anti-Fogging   Starting at: $24.00

The Mirror Magic anti-fog system prevents fogging on mouth mirrors and offers the practitioner a quick method to remove debris during procedures.

Mr Thirsty One-Step   Starting at: $30.70

Bring an inexpensive and efficient product like Mr. Thirsty One-Step into your dental practice and start benefiting instantly!


ORABLU Kit – Toluidine blue is a metachromatic dye with an affinity for acidic tissue, thereby staining tissue rich in DNA & RNA. Orablu is used after a suspicious lesion is found to verify whether or not the patient needs additional care.

Panavia SA Cement PLUS   Starting at: $79.00

PANAVIA SA Cement Plus provides an outstanding level of adhesion to enamel, dentin, metal, lithium disilicate and zirconia. Bond strengths are virtually unaffected by the dryness or wetness of the tooth structure.

Panavia V5  

One Simple and Esthetic Cement For All Your Needs!
PANAVIA V5 is the 5th version of cement in the PANAVIA family. It is a true dual-cure, fluoride-releasing, color-stable, esthetic universal cement with simplified placement.

Photon Soft Tissue Dental Diode Laser   Starting at: $3095.00

The Photon 3 Watt is an ideal dental diode laser with 810nm diode flexibility with complete portability that has built-in tutorials and the best multi-lingual interface. There are 20 unmatched pre-set programs that are fully editable.

Precision Nitrile Gloves  

Precision Violet Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves are unique in a sense that they are ultra soft and super stretchy resulted from a low modulus formulation that reduces hand fatigue for maximum comfort.

Root ZX II OTR Low Speed HP Module  

The Root ZX II Low Speed Handpiece with OTR technology prepares root canals while displaying precise and accurate measurements.

Slim Blast LED Curing Light   $539.00

The Slim Blast is 41% lighter, 26% thinner (less than 3/4") and 7% shorter than our popular Mini Blast or VioBlast Curing Light. The sturdy aluminum body of the Slim Blast disperses heat from the LED so there is no cool down waiting period.

StarryShine Disposable Patient Bib Holder   Starting at: $9.50

Did you know that studies have found up to 70% of bib clips harbor bacteria even after disenfection? Make the switch to StarryShine disposable single use bib holders and eliminate the risk.

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